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There are a few differences between the dolls. One version has a two piece dress (separate bodice and skirt), and comes with either striped tights or her soft cashmere socks. There is also a one piece dress with the same tights or socks versions. Then there is a "Sunday Best" dress that has both a one piece and two piece dress version, each having the same ballet slippers and a little peek of her petticoat.

Curly Kitty is also available in two different versions. One has the same body and tail section, three paws that are all the same, and one rear paw that is a separate piece. The other version has paws that are all the same but a separate body and tail sections and a bow atop the head. Both Kitty versions come with a ric-rac curl. There are six doll files, four kitty files, a comb, a brush, a comb/brush combo, a ric-rac curl, and a paisley.

    FRIZZY FRIEDA - 30.00

  • 8x12" hoop size
  • check design sizes before ordering
  • formats: PES, ART, DST, EXP, JEF, VIP, VP3

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